Day 1 schedule

Old Fashioned Room 104
Sazerac Room 105
Vieux Carre Room 122
Negroni Room 239
The Straight Up Room 240
The Last Word Room 242
The Romulan Ale Room 243
How Functional Programming Can Benefit Your Business by Eric Normand
Challenges w Nola tech startups by Sonny and Friends
Get the Message Not the Malward by Jack Reiner
What is the Future of the Technology Industry by Alba Huddleson
Never Lose at Monopoly Again by Flynn
The Pitch Multii Tril Dollar Cloud-Based Financial System by Geoffry Gauchet
Why I hate Media Queries and Avoiding Them With React & Flux
Text Editors The right tool for the right job. by Brian Kustic
Video Games Kids Might Like by Terry Glass
How to get on the Road to Financial Wellness by Jason Vitug
Regulating the Sharing Economy by ?
Parallelization for Dummies
How To Build A Time Machine aka Saving Your Digital Memories by Christopher Boudy
Cooking with the Greek Hw to Make Baklava by Sia
Stronger Than Fear Open Sourcing Mental Illness by Leigh Turland
What Makes a Great Developer by Matthew Turland
Pure Css Tabs UI by ?
NOPD Oversight And Accountability by ?
Finding Data Publicly Avble
Why HTML Forms Ain't So Bad by ?
Diversity in Tech by Dominique Riley
Jedi Mind Tricks and the Art of Conversation
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
Lunch by our sponsors
How to Use A Hi-Tech Japanese Toilet by Romy Elis
The Golden Circle Simon Sinck by Bernard Fralias
3D Printing for Medicine & Surgery by Vlad Zuzukin M.D.
Crush it with DevTools by Seth
????? by you
Unsuck your Money
Arduino Workshop by Idiya
The science and benefits of Habit Formation by Chris Szeto
Distributed Systems in Elixer
????? by you
Education v. Training Student Success through the lens of... G. Blake Williams
O\(n) Ways to Make a Lightswitch by Hunter Hutchinson
An Overview of Slam, 3d Scanning, and Depth Sensors by
How we Designed Escape My Room by Andrew Preble
Quick Intro To Quantum Computation Nuts... by Henry Fitzhugh
Protech Your Assets! A Legal Primer For Start Ups by you
How to Do a Tarot Card Reading by Anne
Arduino Workshop by Idiya
How to Plan a BarCamp by Jacqui Nelson
Disaster Prep for Real Lazy Peeps Heather G.
How to Repurpose Conference T-Shirts by Alexa
I am a WIT - Redefining What It Means to Have a Career in Tech by WIT Panel
Let's Plan a Coup
Personal Security on the Web by George Mauer
????? by you
InfoSec Integrity in Online Voting by Sonny
Arduino Workshop by Idiya