BarcampNola is New Orleans' premier unconference event

Barcamp New Orleans, BarcampNola, Bearcamp. It goes by many names, and illicits a diverse range of emotions for participants every year.

Barcamp is made possible not only by our generous sponsors and organizers, but also by you - Barcamp's attendees. While it's a tech-focused event, anything goes. Heck, "How to make the perfect sandwich" is a deliciously acceptable talk, especially if you've got a hands-on demo of the latest sandwich technology.

The speaker line-up is generated by you and the other attendees who have a topic, story, knowledge, or experience to share with the rest of the community.


“To defeat Uncon, we’ve arranged some amazing pre-prepared, pre-scheduled, and totally preposterous presentations. Check out the schedule!

Day 1 - Conference

  • 9:30am Meet 'n Greet
  • 10am Registration
  • 11am Presentations
  • 1pm Lunch/Project Reveal
  • 2pm More Presentations
  • 5:30pm Party Time!

Day 1 is chock-full of interesting presentations by attendees. First thing in the morning the schedule gets filled in by you and other attendees.

It's a multi-track schedule, so pick and choose your favorite presentations as you go throughout the day.

For attendees preparing a talk, there are 2 time slots: 20 minutes or 40 minutes

Day 2 - Project Day

  • 9:30am Coffee 'n Breakfast
  • 10am Project Overview
  • 10:30am Buildy Build Time
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm More Buildin'
  • 5pm Finish & Celebrate

Day 2 is Project Day! We bring Barcamp attendees together to all work as a community on a very fun project and/or projects.

It's a day of learning by doing, and maybe try to actually apply some of the fun ideas you learned on Day 1.

The Day 2 project is not announced until lunchtime on Day 1.

The After Party

Saturday, after the main event, starting at 5:30 we will be hosting the afterparty. Location: TBA.

BarCamp Location

Boggs Center for Energy and Biotechnology Tulane University 6823 St Charles Ave New Orleans, LA 70118

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